The Buring Tide is time limited campaign. It take place in location Western Australia

Text: "Bring Vile in, alive."

Time to complete: 72h

Number of mission: 10.

Enemy base HP : Vile 35

Enemy like: Shire, Trirotor, Flameburst Drone, Rhino Humvee, HADES, RPG Tank, Wolverine, Scorpion, Dark Op Tank, Phoenix, Falcon

Enemy equipment: Hardened hull, Incendiary rounds

Reward: Vile's Incinerator

Mission Text Reward
1 Vile: "The fires will consume You!" 25 credits 3 scraps
2 none 25 credits 3 scraps
3 SHE:Vile's reign of terror needs to be stoped HE:I can put him six feet in the ground- SHE: No. We can use him as source of information. 25 credits 3 scraps
4 none 25 credits 3 scraps
5 Vile: If You can't stand the heat, stay away from the flamethrower. 25 credits 3 scraps
6 none 25 credits 3 scraps
7 none 25 credits 3 scraps
8 Vile uses super flammable gel that allows his weapon burn through the steel 50 credits 3 scraps
9 none 75 credits 3 scraps
10 HE: You are coming with us, Vile. VILE: Try your best 100 credits 3 scraps

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