League runs on a weekly schedule and each league period ends/begins on Monday.

Players are gain league points for PvP matches they play. The amount of points rewarded depends on if match is won or lost and on which of the three attempts a player is allowed to beat a PvP opponent. Maximum points (100) are given by wining on the first attempt.

Each league is sub-divided into groups of approximately 100 players. Players are ranked within their group by the sum of the league points they have gained during the league period. When a league period ends the league placement of each player for the next period is updated: the top U% of the players in each group are promoted to the next higher league, the bottom D% of players in each group are relegated to the next lower league, and the remaining players maintain in the same league (see table for U / D).

Players are rewarded N league tokens (skull icon) based on the league they are placed in for the next period (see table for N); e.g. if a player was in gold league and promotes to platinum league they are given the number of reward tokens for platinum league, if they maintain gold league they are given the number of reward tokens for gold league, and if they relegate to silver league they are given the number of tokens for silver league.

Up to 2000 League tokens may be accumulated by player. Players may purchase League crates with their tokens. A player may only purchase crates from their current league or any lower league. For example, a player in Platinum may purchase the Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze crate but not the Diamond or Ember crates. If that same player relegates to Gold league the player will no longer be able to purchase the Platinum crate.

League Reward




Fraction of Players
Promoted (U) Relegated (D)
Ember 500 1500 50%
Diamond 350 1000 10% 30%
Platinum 250 400 15% 30%
Gold 200 150 15% 30%
Silver 150 50 25% 30%
Bronze 100 20 25%

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