Units are how you defeat Shattered Sun and combat threats in liberated countries.

The units are divided into 7 tiers. The tiers correspond to the number of stars a unit has as follows:

  • A normal unit has a tier ranking the same as the number of stars.
  • A dual unit (created by fusing two of the same 4-star or 5-star unit together, or some Premium 3-star units) has a tier ranking equal to the number of stars + 1.
  • A quad unit (created by fusing two of the same dual unit together) has a tier ranking equal to the number of stars + 2.

The tier ranking of a unit determines the number of upgrade levels it has (equal to the tier ranking + 2) as well as the costs of those upgrades.

(Hyperion Darius also acts as a dual unit, even though it's created by fusing two different units together.)

Here are some Units trees. Note: authoritative unit list/stats can be found by referencing the XML assets on Synapse's server:

There is also a xml document describing all missions:

How to Obtain Edit

Base units can be built by fusing supply drop units together. You can also obtain higher star units in the regular Supply Drop; 2-star units appear with approximately 10% frequency, 3-star units with approximately 0.5% frequency, and higher-tier units even less frequently (see the data in this thread). This will now include League units.

Reward units are only obtained through special events.

Raid units are obtained through raids.

Premium units are only found in limited time crates. These crates contain specific units, and give you one of them each time you buy it. It is completely random what you get, but you are more likely to get the weaker units. There used to be occasional special sales which will allow you to buy a specific premium card.

Tier 1 Units Edit

Base Edit

Unique Reward Edit

Tier 2 Units Edit

Base Edit

Premium Edit

Unique (acts as 1-star dual) Reward Edit

NPC only Edit

Tier 3 Units Edit

Base Edit

Premium Edit

Unique Reward Edit

NPC only Edit

Unreleased Edit

Discontinued (Base 2-star dual) Edit

Tier 4 Units Edit

Base Edit

  • Galvanizer (Fusion of Guerilla Tank and Mule)
  • Spitfire (Fusion of Phoenix and Guerilla Tank)
  • Zeus (Fusion of Fury and Auroch)
  • Raider (Fusion of Auroch and Phoenix)
  • S.A.W. (Fusion of Needler and Tomahawk)
  • Hornet (Fusion of Thunderbird and Needler)
  • Trident (Fusion of Jackhammer and Thunderbird)
  • Raven (Fusion of Tomahawk and Halefire Humvee)
  • Lobo (Fusion of Disruptor and Cyclone)
  • Jackrabbit (Can't be fused)
  • Firefly (Can't be fused)
  • Whirlwind (Can't be fused)

Premium 4-star Edit

Premium 3-star dual Edit

Unique Reward Edit

NPC only Edit

Unreleased Edit

Discontinued Edit

Tier 5 Units Edit

Base 5-star Edit

  • Gray Eagle (Fusion of Spitfire and Zeus)
  • ONI (Fusion of Zeus and Galvanizer)
  • Dirge (Fusion of Galvanizer and Raider)
  • Red Hawk (Fusion of S.A.W. and Raven)
  • Sandstorm (Fusion of Raven and Trident)
  • Crusher (Fusion of Hornet and S.A.W.)
  • Myrmidon (Fusion of Trident and Firefly)
  • Hunter (Fusion of Jackrabbit and Hornet)
  • Phantom (Can't be fused)
  • Reaper (Can't be fused)

Base 4-star dual Edit

Raid 5-star Edit

Reward 5-star Edit

  • Solis

Premium 5-star Edit

Premium 4-star dual Edit

Premium 3-star quad Edit

Unreleased Edit

Tier 6 Units Edit

Base 6-star Edit

  • Cruiser
  • Thunderstroke
  • Reaver Zebra
  • Stryder
  • Herald
  • Pharaoh
  • Vortex
  • Baphomet
  • Slyph
  • Skratti
  • Vanadrott

Base 5-star dual Edit

Base 4-star quad Edit

Reward 5-star dual Edit

  • Flash Solis

Raid 6-star Edit

  • Marionette
  • Director

Raid 5-star dual Edit

Premium 6-star Edit

Premium 5-star dual Edit

Premium 4-star quad Edit

Unreleased Edit

  • Fiery Inferno
  • Nimble Blackbird
  • Dusk Panther
  • Heavy Shield
  • Mighty Roc

Tier 7 Units Edit

Base 7-star Edit

  • Freya
  • Triton

Base 6-star dual Edit

Base 5-star quad Edit

Reward 7-star Edit

  • Valravn

Raid 6-star dual Edit

  • Feared Marionette
  • Cold Director

Raid 5-star quad Edit

Premium 7-star Edit

Premium 6-star dual Edit

Premium 5-star quad Edit

Unreleased Edit

  • Raging Inferno (Fusion of Fiery Inferno x2)
  • Hex Blackbird (Fusion of Nimble Blackbird x2)
  • Fading Panther (Fusion of Dusk Panther x2)
  • Mighty Shield (Fusion of Heavy Shield x2)
  • Powerful Roc (Fusion of Mighty Roc x2)

Tier 8 Edit

Base 7-star dual Edit

Base 6-star quad Edit

Reward 8-star Edit

  • Aesir

Premium 8-star Edit

Premium 7-star dual Edit

Premium 6-star quad Edit

Tier 9 Edit

Base 7-star quad Edit

Reward 8-star dual Edit

  • Aesir Aloft

Premium 7-star quad Edit

Premium 8-star dual Edit

Tier 10 Edit

Reward 8-star quad Edit

  • Glamour Aesir

Premium 8-star quad Edit